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Barrera de sol 2019 | Rico-Nuevo | DOP Cebreros

Old vines in the area of "El Zaudejo". ⠀ Single varietal red Garnacha. ⠀ South-East facing. Round, powerful and fruity, always driven by the mineral leave of poor, shallow soils of granitic sand. ⠀ Aged for 6 months in 400L French oak barrels and 1200L eggs. ⠀ Not filtered or clarified. May contain sediment.

Jiron de Niebla 2019 | Rico-Nuevo | DOP Cebreros

Wine from the singular landscape "El Sotillo". Single varietal Garnacha. ⠀ Old north-facing vines. ⠀ Mixed ageing in barrels and egg. ⠀ Floral, direct and long, driven by red fruit, spices and a marked mineral background. Not filtered or clarified. May contain sediment.

La Viña de ayer Garnacha 2018

Grapes: Garnacha 100%. Area: Old vineyards from DOP Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Avila. Wine type: 12 months aged red wine. Winery:

Urdiense 2021 | AgroUrdiense | DOP Cebreros

Red Wine. DO Cebreros Sierra de Gredos, Alto Alberche. 100% Grenache. Urdiense, comes from vineyards in the Alto Alberche, western part of the valley, from a family winery withs roots in Villanueva de Avila, being the fifth generation of winegrowers. All this is a mountainous area, noted for its higher altitude of almost 1070 m, higher rainfall and granite soils. They are small vineyards of difficult access, some of them have been planted for 80 years and all of them are worked manually and fertilized with organic matter.

Vereda de las Tordigas 2019 | Rico-Nuevo | DOP Cebreros

Rico-New Vino de Pueblo. ⠀ A selection of plots from different areas of Burgohondo, where the Garnacha grapes are grown on granite soils. El Sotillo, El Marcuero, El Fontarrón, El Zaudejo, Tabla de Los Abades... Fermented and aged separately to then compose this coupage that introduces us to the typicality of the Burgohondo vineyards. A very fruity wine, highly expressive, with the presence of granite soils, sweet, fresh and a slight accompaniment of ageing in concrete and wood. Not filtered or clarified. May contain sediment.

Naranjas Azules 2020

Grapes: Garnacha 100%. Area: Old vineyards from DOP Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Avila. Wine type: Rose-Blanc de Noir. Winery: SotoManrique Bodega

Inat – Natural Sparkling Wine. Ancestral Method

Viñedos viejos de Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Ávila.

La Viña de ayer Albillo Real 2018

Grapes: Albillo Real 100%. This very special grape is only present on this area of Spain. Area: 60 years old

Los Arroyuelos 2021 | DO Cebreros

Los Arroyuelos is a red wine made from old vines of Grenache in the Alto Alberche area.

Glorioso Crianza 2018 | DO Rioja

DO Rioja. Los viñedos se encuentran en la ladera de la sierra de Cantabria y el río Ebro.

Ramon Bilbao Crianza 2018 | DO Rioja

Grapes: Tempranillo 100%. Area: DO Rioja. Wine type: 14 months aged in American oak barrels. The wine is also kept 8 months

La Planta 2020 | DO Ribera

Tempranillo 100%. 6 meses de idade em Barricas de carvalho francês e americano.

La Mira 2018 – Singular Landscape Wine

Grapes: Garnacha 100%. Area: Singular landscape wine. Old vineyards from DOP Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Avila. Wine type: Red wine with ageing Winery:

Natural Apple Cider

Camin-Trabanco natural cider from Gijón (Asturias).

Protos Verdejo 2020 | DO Rueda

Grapes: Verdejo 100% Area: Planted more than 15 years ago. Dry land with gravelly soils. Wine type: White wine aged on fine

Yllera 5.5 Verdejo Frizzante

Grapes: Verdejo 100%. Area: DO Rueda. Wine type: Young verdejo partially fermented, fresh, sweet, with a carbonic touch and just 5,5%